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Michael Lister collection

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Michael Lister collection


Power in the Blood:

In a mystery book market saturated with stories of gruesome serial killers devoid of morality and shady investigators whose questionable tactics make them difficult heroes, Power in the Blood by Michael Lister offers a more spiritual view of social ills and acknowledges that, behind every despicable act, there is always room for forgiveness and redemption.

In this debut novel Lister, a prison chaplain, introduces John Jordan, chaplain of a prison in the Florida Panhandle, who witnesses the bloody death of Potter Correctional Institution inmate Ike Johnson. Jordan discovers that in the closed society of captives and captors no action goes unseen, and no one takes kindly to a cop in a collar. He soon finds his reputation, his career, and even his life are at stake.

“While writing Power in the Blood , I attempted to present Chaplain Jordan as a person who is in many ways quite ordinary despite being a man of the cloth. Like everyone else, Jordan attempts to find romance, deals with the demands of work on a daily basis, and struggles with his faith,” said Michael Lister. “Despite the extraordinary violence that he must face and the misdeeds of fallen souls he endures, Jordan manages to pursue the investigation with honesty and grace. I think that makes him an unusual hero in today’s mystery market.” By offering up the sacred as well as the profane, Power in the Blood is sure to please both mystery readers and general fiction enthusiasts.

Michael Lister was a chaplain with the Florida Department of Corrections from 1993 to 2000. During his tenure at Gulf Correctional, Lister earned these words of praise from his warden, “Chaplain Lister’s un prejudiced concern for the welfare of staff as well as inmates has brought a spiritual soothing to both populations at this institution. He is an exceptionally gifted teacher, truly an angel, a shepherd to all.”

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Books list:

Michael Lister – [Cataclysmos Book 01] – Part 1, This is the Way the World Ends (v5).mobi
Michael Lister – [Cataclysmos Book 01] – Part 2, Night Fires of the New World (v5).mobi
Michael Lister – [Cataclysmos Book 01] – Part 3, the Deacon (v5).mobi
Michael Lister – [Cataclysmos Book 01] – Part 4, Perish Twice (v5).mobi
Michael Lister – [Cataclysmos Book 01] – Part 5, the Long Dark Night (v5).mobi
Michael Lister – [John Jordan Mystery 01] – Power in the Blood (epub).epub
Michael Lister – [John Jordan Mystery 02] – Blood of the Lamb (epub).epub
Michael Lister – [John Jordan Mystery 03] – Flesh and Blood (epub).epub
Michael Lister – [John Jordan Mystery 04] – The Body and the Blood (mobi).mobi
Michael Lister – [John Jordan Mystery 05] – Blood Sacrifice.epub
Michael Lister – [John Jordan Mystery 06] – Rivers to Blood (epub).epub
Michael Lister – [John Jordan Mystery 07 – The Atlanta Years 01] – Innocent Blood (v5.0) (mobi).mobi
Michael Lister – [John Jordan Mystery 08] – Blood Money.epub
Michael Lister – [John Jordan Mystery 09] – Blood Moon.epub
Michael Lister – [John Jordan Mystery 10 – The Atlanta Years 02] – Blood Cries (v5.0) (azw3).azw3
Michael Lister – [John Jordan Mystery 11] – Blood Oath.epub
Michael Lister – [John Jordan Mystery 12] – Blood Work.epub
Michael Lister – [John Jordan Mystery 13] – Cold Blood (retail) (epub).epub
Michael Lister – [John Jordan Mystery 13-15] – Box Set 5.epub
Michael Lister – [John Jordan Mystery 14] – Blood Betrayal.epub
Michael Lister – [John Jordan Mystery 16] – Blood Ties.epub
Michael Lister – [John Jordan Mystery 17] – Blood Stone.epub
Michael Lister – [John Jordan Mystery 18] – Blood Trail.epub
Michael Lister – [John Jordan Mystery 19] – Bloodshed.epub
Michael Lister – [John Jordan Mystery 20] – Blue Blood.epub
Michael Lister – [John Jordan Mystery 21] – And the Sea Became Blood.epub
Michael Lister – [Merrick McKnight 01] – Thunder Beach.epub
Michael Lister – [Merrick McKnight 02] – A Certain Retribution.epub
Michael Lister – [Soldier 01] – The Big Goodbye (epub).epub
Michael Lister – [Soldier 02] – The Big Beyond (epub).epub
Michael Lister – [Soldier 03] – The Big Hello (epub).epub
Michael Lister – [Soldier 04] – The Big Bout.epub
Michael Lister – [Soldier 05] – The Big Blast.epub
Michael Lister – [Soldier 2.5] – In a Spider’s Web.epub
Michael Lister – [Soldier 2.5] – In a Spider’s Web (v5).mobi
Michael Lister – Burnt Offerings.epub
Michael Lister – Double Exposure (epub).epub
Michael Lister – Double Exposure, Burnt Offerings, Separation Anxiety (v5).epub
Michael Lister – Power in the Blood, the Big Goodbye, Thunder Beach (v5) (azw3).azw3
Michael Lister – True Crime Fiction.epub
Michael Lister (ed) – Florida Heatwave (epub).epub
Michael Lister, Christine Kling – The Florida Five, Five Florida Crime Novels (v5).mobi

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