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Jane Lindskold collection

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Jane Lindskold collection


Through Wolf’s Eyes:

Firekeeper only vaguely remembers a time when she didn’t live with her “family,” a pack of “royal wolves”-bigger, stronger, and smarter than normal wolves. Now her pack leaders are sending her back to live among the humans, as they promised her mother years ago.

Some of the humans think she may be the lost heir to their throne. This could be good-and it could be very, very dangerous. In the months to come, learning to behave like a human will turn out to be more complicated than she’d ever imagined.

But though human ways might be stranger than anything found in the forest, the infighting in the human’s pack is nothing Firekeeper hasn’t seen before. That, she understands just fine. She’s not your standard-issue princess-and this is not your standard-issue fairy tale

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Books list:

David Weber – Star Kingdom 02 – Fire Season.epub
David Weber – Worlds of Honor 04 – The Service of the Sword.epub
Jane Lindskold – A Touch of Poison.epub
Jane Lindskold – Breaking the Wall 01 – Thirteen Orphans.epub
Jane Lindskold – Breaking the Wall 02 – Nine Gates.epub
Jane Lindskold – Breaking the Wall 03 – Five Odd Honors.epub
Jane Lindskold – Brother to Dragons, Companion to Owls.epub
Jane Lindskold – Child of a Rainless Year.epub
Jane Lindskold – Endpoint Insurance.epub
Jane Lindskold – Final Exam.epub
Jane Lindskold – Firekeeper Saga 1 – Through Wolf’s Eyes.epub
Jane Lindskold – Firekeeper Saga 2 – Wolf’s Head, Wolf’s Heart.epub
Jane Lindskold – Firekeeper Saga 3 – The Dragon of Despair.epub
Jane Lindskold – Firekeeper Saga 4 – Wolf Captured.epub
Jane Lindskold – Firekeeper Saga 5 – Wolf Hunting.epub
Jane Lindskold – Firekeeper Saga 6 – Wolfs Blood.epub
Jane Lindskold – Teapot.epub
Jane Lindskold – The Buried Pyramid.epub
Roger Zelazny & Jane Lindskold – Donnerjack.epub
Roger Zelazny & Jane Lindskold – Lord Demon.epub

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