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Enemigo, Mike – Surviving Prison

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Enemigo, Mike – Surviving Prison

Surviving Prison The Secrets to Surviving


Name: Surviving Prison The Secrets to Surviving
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Title: Surviving Prison
Author: Enemigo, Mike
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Description: Mike Enemigo, convicted murderer, lifer, and one of the most published prisoners in America, takes you deep into the secretive world of the American Prison System in a way that has never been done before. In one of the most controversial books ever published, Surviving Prison, written from the perspective of a how-to manual and true example stories, does not only provide you with an authentic, "member’s only" look into a community of killers, gang members, robbers & drug dealers, but breaks down, step-by-step the secrets of: How to make such things as alcohol, tattoo guns, and deadly weapons; how prisoners meticulously study the arts of seduction and manipulation to increase their power; how to get in tip-top physical, combat-ready shape without weights; how to start and run a drug operation from behind bars for maximum profits, and much, much, more. Whether you know somebody in prison, may be going there yourself, or are involved in the prison and criminal justice system, this book is an absolute must-read! 
WARNING: This book is banned from entering most prisons in America. It is not recommended. that you order this book for inmates. If you’d like to send an inmate valuable how-to and resource information, we recommend Surviving Prison: Special Prisoner’s Edition and The BEST Resource Directory for Prisoners, both also by Mike Enemigo. 

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