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Will Durant, Ariel Durant: The Complete Story of Civilization 1 – 11

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Will Durant, Ariel Durant: The Complete Story of Civilization 1 – 11

he Complete Story of Civilization by Will Durant represents the most comprehensive attempt in our times to embrace the vast panorama of man’s history and culture. This eleven-volume set includes: Volume One – Our Oriental Heritage; Volume Two – The Life of Greece; Volume Three – Caesar and Christ; Volume Four – The Age of Faith; Volume Five – The Renaissance; Volume Six – The Reformation; Volume Seven – The Age of Reason Begins; Volume Eight – The Age of Louis XIV; Volume Nine – The Age of Voltaire; Volume Ten – Rousseau and Revolution; Volume Eleven – The Age of Napoleon

  1. Our Oriental Heritage (50:17:44, performed by Robin Field)
  2. The Life of Greece (32:37:04, performed by Stefan Rudnicki)
  3. Caesar and Christ (36:31:35, performed by Grover Gardner)
  4. The Age of Faith (61:23:35, performed by Stefan Rudnicki)
  5. The Renaissance (37:09:18, performed by Grover Gardner)
  6. The Reformation (50:08:18, performed by Stefan Rudnicki)
  7. The Age of Reason Begins (34:51:14, performed by Grover Gardner)
  8. The Age of Louis XIV (36:28:57, performed by Stefan Rudnicki)
  9. The Age of Voltaire (42:55:53, performed by Grover Gardner)
  10. Rousseau and Revolution (57:21:54, performed by Stefan Rudnicki)
  11. The Age of Napoleon (44:32:35, performed by Stefan Rudnicki)





01 Our Oriental Heritage.rar – 1.4 GB
02 The Life of Greece.rar – 897.6 MB
03 Caesar and Christ.rar – 1004.6 MB
04 The Age of Faith.rar – 1.6 GB
05 The Renaissance.rar – 1022.3 MB
06 The Reformation.rar – 1.3 GB
07 The Age of Reason Begins.rar – 959.1 MB
08 The Age of Louis XIV.rar – 1003.7 MB
09 The Age of Voltaire.rar – 1.2 GB
10 Rousseau and Revolution.rar – 1.5 GB
11 The Age of Napoleon.rar – 1.2 GB

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