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Will Adams collection


The Alexander Cipher:

Workers in Alexandria are excavating for a new building when they discover the ruins of an old tomb, and all work crashes to a halt. According to federal law in Egypt, all discoveries must be properly catalogued by archeologists and this tomb has unusual relics and representations, apparently contemporary with Alexander the Great.
Daniel Knox’s first love is history and archeology, specifically on Alexander the Great. When he pisses off a local mobster on the coast of Egypt, he heads to Alexandria to an archaeology colleague’s apartment to hide out for a while. He learns his friend is getting to participate on the dig for this newly discovered tomb. Sneaking in with his friend, Daniel sees signs that the find is far bigger than anyone realizes and might hold clues to finally unravelling one of the world’s greatest mysteries: Where is Alexander the Great buried?

Will Adams – [Daniel Knox 01] – The Alexander Cipher.epub
Will Adams – [Daniel Knox 02] – The Exodus Quest.epub
Will Adams – [Daniel Knox 03] – The Lost Labyrinth.epub
Will Adams – [Daniel Knox 04] – The Eden Legacy (2010).epub
Will Adams – City of the Lost (epub).epub
Will Adams – Newton’s Fire (v5.0) (epub).epub


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