When Gambling – Anne Garboczi Evans

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When Gambling – Anne Garboczi Evans


Name: When Gambling – Anne Garboczi Evans
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Title: When Gambling (Love and Warfare Series Book 2)
Author: Evans, Anne Garboczi
Language: English
Subjects: drama, Elagabulus, History, hasidic, Women’s Personal Growth, edgy christian romance, Livy, Ancient Roman Empire, romantic inspirational suspense, romantic christian romance, Ann G. Evans, miracle, Sulla, Augustine, Constantine, Pompeii, inspirational romance, romantic drama, Military, Britain, love story, Spies, Familia, Romance, contemporary suspense, contemporary christian romance, Nero, Celts, Hamilcar, Hadrian’s Wall, Vergil, Caligula, Spiritual Healing, contemporary inspirational suspense, army, Theology, Women’s Inspirational, 1st Century Roman Life, Christian Books & Bibles, Triumvirate, Twelve Tables, Ancient Britain, Attila, Rome, nobility, Druidism, Catullus, Suspense Thriller Mystery, Hannibal, Agrippina, dramatic christian suspense, personal testimony, rich, Love Triangle, Love and Warfare Series, politician, Britannia, Horace, Tarquinius Superbus, Codex, Vestal Virgin, contemporary inspirational fiction, olivia kimbrell press, dictator, patrician, Brutus, Early Christian Church, Meditations, Herculaneum, Domitian, Donatists, Celtic, Whoever Does Not Love, Evens, Jesus, Toga Praetexta, Ann Garboczi, Tacitus, contemporary christian, Anne Evans, christian fiction, relationship, disciple, traditional romance, Forum, Gracchi, Camillus, Theodosius, christian suspense, Ann Evans, Etruscans, christian romantic mystery, Multicultural & Interracial, Spartacus, Prophecy, christian family drama, Mediterranian, Polybius, When Gambling, Flavian, edgy inspirational romance, villa, Odoacer, Septimius Severus, Personal Growth, Gaul, Pliny, plebeian, christian romantic suspense, traditional love story, Mithridates, Holy Spirit, General, Fiction, Historical Jesus, suspenseful drama, Romantic Heroes, circus, romantic christian, dramatic christian, christian thriller, soldier, Ammianus Marcellinus, martyr, Cato, Life Application, christian romance, gladiator, Spirituality, Suetonius, Rich & Wealthy, Second Chances, romantic love story, Marius, Commodus, Wedding, Colosseum, Consul, Ascanius, contemporary christian suspense, Gifts, traditional suspense, bereavement, romantic inspirational thriller, epistle, Equites, inspirational fiction, druids, christians, mercenary, Aeneas, Religion & Spirituality, Plautus, Pater Patriae, Romulus Augustus, Hebrew, Tiber, Antony, dramatic inspirational romance, christian, Creationism, Pater Familias, Maecenas, Romulus, Stilicho, Augustus, edgy christian fiction, Quintilian, Anne Garboczi Evans, Royalty & Aristocrats, Pontifex Maximus, Other Eastern Religions & Sacred Texts, Historical Romance, men, dramatic inspirational fiction, Ides, Eusebius, love, dramatic suspense, Anne G. Evans, Juvenal, Tiberius, Haruspex, dying, Martial, Diocletian, inflation, contemporary love story, navy, Cicero, Clodius, Vercingetorix, spiritual gift, Miracles, Actium, Varro, CavĂ©, contemporary drama, woman, Germanic, Roman Empire, dramatic christian romance, Agrippa, Politicans, To Deceive and Empire, Alaric, dramatic inspirational suspense, Julius Caesar, Lucretia, Patricians, garboci, inspirational, Personal Testimonies, Julian, Sejanus, wealthy, Germania, christian mystery, Cleopatra, AUC, christian drama, inspires, messiah, Men’s Inspirational, romantic inspirational fiction, contemporary inspirational romance, dramatic christian fiction, aqueduct, Greek Olympic Games, For Life or Until, Praetorian, Contemporary, God, Saxon, Ceasar, Italy, romantic christian suspense, garbosi, romantic themes, Client, romantic christian fiction, christian love story, man, Tetrarchy, Principate, Arian Controversy, dramatic love story, Nicene Council, Saxony, Love Story Family Saga, inspiration, Boudicca, Seneca, German, Pax Romana, Claudius, Domus, Women, Legion, inspirational christian fiction, inspire, Hanno, Manumission, republic, Marcus Aurelius, romantic suspense, Censor, Scipio, contemporary christian fiction, Rubicon, Music, Worship & Devotion, edgy inspirational fiction, Ancient Rome, christianity, Anne Garboczi, veto, christian romantic thriller, Plebs, inspirational suspense
ISBN: 9781681900681
Total pages: N/A

Description: Cara of Camulodunum dreams of traveling the world, but as the daughter of a blacksmith, the height of her exploration is the plebian carpenter’s shop of her intended. Then she meets the patrician’s son, Eric Paterculi, who regales Cara with tales of Greece and Hercules.The sons of Roman noblemen are meant to become soldiers and politicians, and Eric’s father, the Legate of Britannia has illustrious plans for Eric. However, Eric fails rhetoric class and seems more interested in training for the Olympic Games than for statesmanship.At the training grounds, Victor Ocelli, a member of the Viri piracy ring, befriends Eric in order to use him against his father.The more Cara learns about Eric, the more she desires to break free from the restrictive rules of her intended. But breaking the rules lands Cara in a bondage worse than she could have imagined. Only Eric can save her, but will a patrician defy his familia to rescue a plebeian?

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