The Severed Thread by Dione C. Suto (ePUB)

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The Severed Thread by Dione C. Suto (Abigail Lassiter #1)
Requirements: ePub Reader, 369kb, Fantasy
My name is Abigail.
This morning my brother Jason was supposed to pick me up for work. He even honked his car horn to let me know he was waiting. But by the time I got outside, he was barely alive, lying in a pool of blood in my driveway.
First I was frantic and horrified as I tried to help him and call for the ambulance.
Then I was in shock as I waited in the emergency room.
When the news came that he was dead – I was filled with rage. So was the berserker that I have spent my entire life keeping contained behind impenetrable walls in my mind. It was pounding, pounding, pounding against its cage, trying to get free. 
It wants vengeance. So do I.
I have a message for the person who killed my brother…. We are coming for you. 
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