The Day I [Almost] Killed Two G – James Duthie

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The Day I [Almost] Killed Two G – James Duthie


Name: The Day I [Almost] Killed Two G – James Duthie
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Title: The Day I [Almost] Killed Two Gretzkys
Author: Duthie, James
Language: English
Subjects: Biography
Total pages: N/A

Description: Praise for James Duthie’s "The Day I (Almost) Killed Two Gretzkys" " I was lucky to survive the day Duthie played in my golf tournament. Little did I know he’d turn the experience into one of the best books on sports that I’ve read in a long time."
<ul><li>Wayne Gretzky </li></ul>"Tragedy is easy. Comedy is hard. Sports comedy is even harder, but James Duthie, who we now know is as comfortable in front of a keyboard as he is a camera, treads whimsically through a sports landscape that certainly needs a smile. His is a biting wit, guaranteed to leave teeth marks."
<ul><li>Michael Farber, "Sports Illustrated" </li></ul>" If you like James Duthie on TSN, you’re in for a treat. He’s just as clever and witty in print. James is simply a great storyteller whose creative style will make you smile over and over."
<ul><li>Dave Naylor, The "Globe and Mail" </li></ul>" "
"The Quiz sucks but Duthie’s book is fantastic. He is one warped writer, but genius."
<ul><li>John Tortorella, New York Rangers coach </li></ul>" Duthie writes the way I played: With an edge, but never forgetting the game is supposed to be fun. This book is a ton of fun."
<ul><li>Jeremy Roenick, former NHL star </li></ul>"This guy does it all-he writes as well as he does television. That same somewhat aberrant sense of humour leaps off the pages. Sports fans will love this book!"
<ul><li>Brian Burke, Toronto Maple Leafs GM </li></ul>"I don’t have kids nor can I legally admit to owning a monkey, but I do love hockey and Duthie manages to make them all work together. He effortlessly modernizes sports writing while respectfully tipping his hat to the old school."
<ul><li>George Stroumboulopoulos, Hockey Fan and Host of CBC’s "George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight" </li></ul>So what’s this book about? Well…
This book is about hockey. And golf. And the Olympic Games. And being a broadcaster, a sports fan, a father, husband, and son. And having an unhealthy fascination with Anna Kournikova.
It’s a collection of things that marched through James Duthie’s head over the years and spilled out into his weekly columns, selected, collected, and randomized for your reading pleasure. It’s also educational!
You’ll learn about: Sidney Crosby’s secrets Where you rank on The Jeter Meter of male success Why hockey’s loser point has to go The best four-legged athlete ever What the cliches that come out of athletes’ mouths really mean What it’s like to be upstaged by a monkey And yes, how Duthie almost killed two Gretzkys on the same day.
James Duthie has been writing columns about hockey, sport in general, and his own twisted view of the world for over a decade. This book is the first and only collection of some of his most popular and controversial columns, with several brand new, previously unpublished pieces. In "The Day I (Almost) Killed Two Gretzkys," he brings his famous sense of humour, deep hockey knowledge, and his passion for sports of all kinds to fans and readers everywhere- no matter what team you cheer for.
Often hilarious, sometimes insightful, occasionally touching and always passionate, Duthie’s off-kilter view of sports and life shows how the spirit of sport unites us all.

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