The Curse of M – Stevie Barry

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The Curse of M – Stevie Barry


Name: The Curse of M – Stevie Barry
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Title: The Curse of M
Author: Barry, Stevie
Language: English
Subjects: N/A
Total pages: N/A

Description: One day the world is ordinary; within the next week, an explosive pandemic of what comes to be called magic spreads over the world. Otherwise ordinary people find themselves with gifts — or curses — they can’t control, and the persecution that ensues forces many to flee for their lives.
An institution is built in the remote Alaskan wilderness — prison and hospital combined, to which as many of the Gifted as can be caught are sent to be studied, to discover the source of this unstable curse and stamp it out. Confused, frightened, or half-mad, the inmates all have one thing in common: the powers foisted on them by an unknown source.
An angry ex-con-turned-musician, a grieving doctor, an unrepentant prostitute, and a man without a memory are put at the mercy of one of their own, who will stop at nothing to find out what makes them tick. Their conflict creates ripples in reality that spread far beyond what any of them might expect, and set the stage for far greater struggle that could only end in world war.

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