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The Cure May Kill You A Cassidy – Carlie Lemont

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The Cure May Kill You A Cassidy – Carlie Lemont


Name: The Cure May Kill You A Cassidy – Carlie Lemont
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Title: The Cure May Kill You_A Cassidy Hudson Mystery
Author: Lemont, Carlie
Language: English
Subjects: N/A
Total pages: N/A

Description: It was a bet.&nbsp;<br />A stupid bet.&nbsp;<br />One I never should have made.&nbsp;<br />One I knew, that could cost me everything…<br /><br />To be honest, I didn&rsquo;t even think it would work. I kissed Patrick the night we met and he couldn&rsquo;t have made it clearer&mdash;he isn&rsquo;t into me. Not like that. He&rsquo;s funny, sweet and holy-shit-hot&mdash;entirely too good for a girl like me. He&rsquo;s perfect and I&rsquo;m… not.&nbsp;<br />So, we&rsquo;re friends.&nbsp;<br />Just friends.&nbsp;<br />When my life falls apart and I need a place to live, Patrick comes to my rescue, no questions asked. I know it doesn&rsquo;t mean anything. It&rsquo;s just one friend, helping out another. I know that… but I can&rsquo;t help but want more.&nbsp;<br />I can&rsquo;t help but want him.&nbsp;<br />It&rsquo;s my friend, Tess, who points out that Patrick may be perfect, but he&rsquo;s still a man. That if I push hard enough, I can make him want me.&nbsp;<br />I know she&rsquo;s wrong because I&rsquo;ve been shot down by Patrick before and I have no desire to subject myself to it again… but what if she&rsquo;s right?&nbsp;<br />What if all Patrick needs is a little push?

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