The Black Librarian Archives – Taylor Clogston

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The Black Librarian Archives – Taylor Clogston


Name: The Black Librarian Archives – Taylor Clogston
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Title: The Black Librarian Archives
Author: Clogston, Taylor
Language: English
Subjects: N/A
Total pages: N/A

Description: Ten years ago Dan was rescued from burning London by a black-cloaked man who drew him into a world where magic is a part of daily life.Now sixteen, Dan travels to Ormuil and enrolls in the University to become a Librarian, a magician who gains power by Archiving the people and places he holds dear.Dan finds unlikely friends in the Treasure Hunting Club, students who retrieving treasure from interdimensional dungeons. They all seek something at the University, but to remain they must delve the most deadly dungeons-The greatest treasure lies inside.Will Dan and his friends win the treasure, or fall prey to the peril lurking only a world away?

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