Supermen: Building Maximum Muscle for a Lifetime

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Craig Cecil, “Supermen: Building Maximum Muscle for a Lifetime” 
ISBN-10: 0984741410 | 274 pages | PDF | 3 MB
This book presents a weightlifting system for intermediate to advanced weight trainers that maximizes the muscular development of an individual, while creating a complete, balanced and symmetrical physique. This book will save you years of trial-and-error in the gym and provide you with decades of weight training insights. It’s a book for the rest of us-those with average genetics, strong minds and stronger hearts. More significantly, it represents a long-term plan for lifting weights wisely throughout your life while building and maintaining significant muscle mass. 
In this book you will learn:
how often you should train based on specific goals
how to optimally schedule your workouts
How to determine the correct training volume for each area of your body
How to use the 3:1, 2:1, and 1:1 Methods for acheiving constant muscle gains and symmetry, while avoiding injuries
Hundreds of specific techniques to enhance exercise effectiveness
How to improve weak body parts
How to work out if you get injured
How to track and plan workouts effectively
How to eat correctly for lean muscle gains
Dozens of intensity methods for breaking through training plateaus
Hundreds of plateau-busting, battle-tested workouts from ‘Bombastic’, ‘Viking Ship’, and ‘Handle of the Earth’ through ‘The Final Countdown’
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