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Sun Alley – Cecilia Stefanescu

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Sun Alley – Cecilia Stefanescu


Name: Sun Alley – Cecilia Stefanescu
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Title: Sun Alley
Author: Stefanescu, Cecilia
Language: English
Subjects: Sun Alley
ISBN: 9781938103001
Total pages: N/A

Description: <p>Sal, the protagonist of <I>Sun Alley</I>, is an exceptionally intelligent 12-year-old boy, experiencing his first love. One summer afternoon, on his way to see his girlfriend Emi, he is caught in a rain shower and shelters in the hallway of a block of flats. Led by a strong odor, he goes down into the basement, where he comes upon the corpse of a young and very beautiful woman. Little by little, Sal will attempt to discover the mystery of this body and, at the same time, will pursue his amorous relationship with Emi; a strange liaison which unfolds in parallel with the adulterous affair of an adult couple whose path Sal repeatedly crosses. As his love story with Emi evolves, Sal tries his best to hide it, not only from the cynical eyes of his friends in the neighborhood, but also from his parents&#8212;whose intervention might well shatter his bliss&#8212;thereby developing a veritably adulterous mindset. The connections between adults and the two children, on the one hand, and…

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