Styx’s Storm – Lora Leigh

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Styx’s Storm – Lora Leigh


Name: Styx’s Storm – Lora Leigh
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Title: Styx’s Storm
Author: Leigh, Lora
Language: English
Subjects: Romance, fantasy, Adult, contemporary
Total pages: N/A

Description: Hardcover w/dust jacket (Book Club Edition) Lora Leigh takes her bestselling Breeds series to the next level with Styx’s Storm as a dangerous Wolf Breed abducts a beautiful human…and finds himself imprisoned by his own desires. Storme Montague hates and fears Breeds, and for good reason: They killed her family. So why are her feelings toward Styx Mackenzie so complicated? The Wolf kidnapped her in order to retrieve the data chip her father died to protect, but whenever she’s near him, her instincts go haywire. Styx knows that Storme holds the key that could save-or destroy-the Breeds, but he also knows that the radiant beauty is tougher than she appears. Force won’t pry the information from her stubborn lips, but can she withstand the full power of a Breed’s seduction?

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