Stuck in the Stone Age – The Story Pirates

Stuck in the Stone Age – The Story Pirates


Name: Stuck in the Stone Age – The Story Pirates
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Title: Stuck in the Stone Age
Author: Pirates, The Story
Language: English
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Total pages: N/A

Description: <p>Tom Edison (no, not <i>that</i> Tom Edison) is a hopeful janitor who dreams of becoming a scientist&#8212;and Dr. Morice is a shy scientist who dreams of making friends. When an accident at the lab sends them back in time to the stone age, Tom and Dr. Morice must work together to face down cavemen, saber-tooth tigers, and other B.C. hazards, with only one problem: Tom isn’t very good at science, and Dr. Morice isn’t very good with people.<p>A laugh-out-loud time-travel adventure, <i>Stuck in the Stone Age</i> is the first in a series of novels that double as an introduction to the basics of creative writing. With the help of Story Pirate Captain Rolo Vincent and the Story Creation Zone, kids can use this kid-generated sci-fi comedy as inspiration to create their OWN great stories!

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