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Storm of Reckoning – Doranna Durgin

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Storm of Reckoning – Doranna Durgin


Name: Storm of Reckoning – Doranna Durgin
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Title: Storm of Reckoning
Author: Durgin, Doranna
Language: English
Subjects: N/A
Total pages: N/A

Description: <p>Lisa "Garrie" McGarrity just fought a battle of cataclysmic energies alongside a man who turned out to be not from this world at all. Now she no longer seems quite familiar to herself…or quite under control. But she’d better figure it out fast, because she and her ghostbusting reckoners team have detoured to Sedona, where a friend desperately needs occult assistance&#8212;and where fiercely driven, half-human bounty hunter Trevarr keeps glancing inexplicably over his shoulder. It doesn’t help that the intense ethereal breezes and vortexes of the Red Rocks have gone utterly silent&#8212;and that the regional ghosts, when they do appear, are targeting Garrie. With a rogue entity on the loose, Trevarr’s not-cat bond partner also hinting at dire trouble on their trail, and Trevarr himself resting uneasily on exile, Garrie is running out of time to figure out just what’s happening to herself&#8212;and to the Southwest&#8212;and to put a stop it it. Again.<p>"<i>Storm of…

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