Soul Jar – eden Hudson

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Soul Jar – eden Hudson


Name: Soul Jar – eden Hudson
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Title: Soul Jar
Author: Hudson, eden
Language: English
Subjects: s Adventure Fiction, Fantasy Action and Adventure, Dark Fantasy, Paranormal and Urban Fantasy, Thrillers and Suspense Supernatural Witches and Wizards, Mystery Supernatural Witches and Wizards, Mage, Warlock, Thief, Knights, Revived Earth, Halo Bound, eden Hudson, Men&apos
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Description: The best thief in the history of the Revived Earth is on a literal deadline-find a cure for the plague or die-but when the universe drops the ultimate extortion fodder into his lap, what’s Jubal supposed to do, say no?Turns out Nick Beausoleil isn’t the perfect Guild knight in shining armor his fiancĂ©e thinks he is. Nickie-boy made a big mistake while Carina was in prison, and now he’s got a deep, dark secret he needs Jubal Van Zandt to help him cover up. The kind of deep, dark secret Jubal could use to destroy their relationship and disgrace the overly muscled meathead forever in Carina’s eyes.PRAISE FOR THE JUBAL VAN ZANDT NOVELS:”Every detail is so clever. Every exchange of dialogue is so witty. The overall effect is dazzling, mesmerizing, better than real life. It's literary hard drugs, dude.” -Tim McBain, coauthor of Awake in the Dark and The Scattered and the Dead

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