Some Were In Time – Robyn Peterman

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Some Were In Time – Robyn Peterman


Name: Some Were In Time – Robyn Peterman
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Title: Some Were In Time
Author: Peterman, Robyn
Language: English
Subjects: N/A
Total pages: N/A

Description: Planning my own wedding should mean I’m having the time of my life.not defending it every time I turn around. Dragons, feral Wolves and Were Cows.I mean who in the hell knew Were Cows even existed?
All I wanna do is marry Hank, have 2.5 beautiful little Werewolf babies and live happily ever after while having sex on a very regular basis. Oh.and I still want to shoot stuff occasionally.
Apparently no one got the memo.
Instead of complaining about the price of flowers, cakes and the fact that my gay Vampyre BFF, Dwayne insists on wearing a dress at my nuptials, I’m locked and loaded trying to ascertain who wants my ass six feet under. With Hank at my side and some surprising allies at our disposal, we will take on the bad bloody clusterhump of a sucktastic battle at a time.
No one ever said the Werewolf life was going to be easy, but this week we couldn’t catch a break if it bit us in the ass.

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