Sheri Winston, Carl Frankel: Succulent SexCraft

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Do you dream of having spectacular sex? Can you imagine becoming an erotic virtuoso? Now it’s possible with the help of Sheri Winston’s groundbreaking new book, Succulent SexCraft!

Visionary yet practical, Succulent SexCraft offers a detailed road map to supercharging your erotic life and becoming sexually whole and empowered. With its wealth of ideas and activities, you’ll learn how to access extraordinary pleasure, overcome challenges and play masterfully with your inner ‘sexcraft’ toolkit. Succulent SexCraft is your personal guide to developing a healthy, celebratory and ecstatic relationship with your sexuality.

It’s beautifully designed with a wealth of vintage and contemporary erotic art.

In fact, it’s so rich it overflows! Purchasers get access to exclusive web pages with additional information and activities. Buyers don’t just get a book, they get a learning community!

Winston’s previous book, Women’s Anatomy of Arousal, won a national prize. Succulent SexCraft is a worthy successor. Whatever your orientation or relationship status—no partner, one partner or lots of them—Succulent SexCraft will help you ramp up your sex life to extraordinary new levels

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