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Scott Turow collection


Presumed Innocent:

Rusty Sabich is chief deputy prosecuting attorney in a large mid-western city. His boss is in the midst of a bitter campaign for re-election. A fellow prosecuting attorney, Carolyn Polhemus, has been brutally murdered. Rusty is handling the investigation– and he needs results.
Before election day.
Before his illicit affair with Carolyn is uncovered.
Election day brings a new prosecuting attorney into office. A political enemy who wants Rusty out. A man whose own secret investigation has revealed Rusty’s relationship with Carolyn. A man who takes Rusty off the case– and charges him with murder. Rusty now faces a long battle in court. Each side will twist the evidence to win its case, and try any procedural ploy, any courtroom trick that might ensure victory. Rusty’s ordeal will uncover corruption, deceit, depravity and incompetence– and keep you spellbound. Who did kill Carolyn Polhemus?

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Books list:

01 Presumed Innocent – Scott Turow.epub
02 The Burden of Proof – Scott Turow.epub
03 Pleading Guilty – Scott Turow.epub
04 The Laws of Our Fathers – Scott Turow.epub
05 Personal Injuries – Scott Turow.epub
06 Reversible Errors – Scott Turow.epub
07 Limitations – Scott Turow.epub
08 Innocent – Scott Turow.epub
09 Identical – Scott Turow.epub
10 Testimony – Scott Turow.epub
One L – Scott Turow.epub
Ordinary Heroes – Scott Turow.epub
Scott Turow Omnibus – Scott Turow.epub
The Best American Mystery Stories 2006 – ed Otto Penzler and Scott Turow.epub

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