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Sara King collection


Forging Zero:

For lovers of sci-fi thrillers, alien invasion stories, space opera, and sprawling first contact science fiction, this is an unforgettable post-apocalyptic epic about perseverance and survival in a harsh new world where humanity is just another item on the menu…

First Contact doesn’t go as anyone expected. Now they own us.

The Legend of ZERO: Forging Zero is the epic journey of 14-year-old Joe Dobbs in a post-apocalyptic universe following a massive galactic empire’s invasion of Earth. The oldest of the children drafted from humanity’s devastated planet, Joe is impressed into service by the alien Congressional Ground Force—and becomes the unwitting centerpiece in a millennia-long alien struggle for independence. Once his training begins, one of the elusive and prophetic Trith appears to give Joe a spine chilling prophecy that the universe has been anticipating for millions of years: Joe will be the one to finally shatter the vast alien government known as Congress. And the Trith cannot lie.…

But first Joe has to make it through bootcamp.


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Books list:

Sara King – [Guardians of the First Realm 01] – Alaskan Fire (epub).epub
Sara King – [Guardians of the First Realm 02] – Alaskan Fury (epub).epub
Sara King – [Millennium Potion 01] – Wings of Retribution (epub).epub
Sara King – [Outer Bounds 01] – Fortune’s Rising (epub).epub
Sara King – [Outer Bounds 02] – Fortune’s Folly (retail) (azw3).azw3
Sara King – [Sunny Day, Paranormal Badass 01] – Sunny With A Chance Of Monsters.epub
Sara King – [Terms of Mercy 01] – To The Princess Bound (epub).epub
Sara King – [The Legend of Zero 001] – Forging Zero (epub).epub
Sara King – [The Legend of Zero 002] – Zero Recall (epub).epub
Sara King – [The Legend of Zero 003] – Zero’s Return (epub).epub
Sara King – [The Legend of Zero 01.5] – The Moldy Dead (epub).epub
Sara King – [The Legend of Zero 03.5] – The Many Misadventures of Flea, Agent of Chaos (epub).epub
Sara King – [The Legend of Zero 03.6] – The Scientist, the Rat, and the Assassin (epub).epub

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