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Robert Goddard collection


Into the Blue:

Harry Barnett lives the life of an Englishman on permanent vacation in Greece, house-sitting for a powerful friend and hiding from a past disgrace. That is, until a guest at the villa disappears on a walking tour, and Harry is the number one suspect. While a Greek detective tries to trap him, and the British tabloids pillory him at home, Harry’s conscience is his worst enemy of all. What happened to young, beautiful Heather Mallender? Who took her—and why didn’t Harry realize that something was amiss?

Suddenly, a man steeped in failure has found a purpose, retracing the strange, twisting route that led to Heather’s vanishing. But the more he learns, the less he knows. Until Harry finds himself at the heart of a dangerous puzzle whose pieces are scattered everywhere: in the realm of British politics, in the beds of adulterous lovers, in the past, the present, and most of all, amid the secrets of a killer….

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Books list:

Robert Goddard – [Harry Barnett 01] – Into the Blue (v5).epub
Robert Goddard – [Harry Barnett 02] – Out of the Sun (epub).epub
Robert Goddard – [Harry Barnett 03] – Never Go Back (v5).epub
Robert Goddard – [James Maxted 01] – The Ways of the World (v5).epub
Robert Goddard – [James Maxted 02] – The Corners of the Globe.epub
Robert Goddard – [James Maxted 03] – The Ends of the Earth.epub
Robert Goddard – Beyond Recall (retail) (epub).epub
Robert Goddard – Blood Count (v5.0).epub
Robert Goddard – Borrowed Time (v5.0) (epub).epub
Robert Goddard – Caught in the Light (v5.0).epub
Robert Goddard – Closed Circle (retail) (epub).epub
Robert Goddard – Days Without Number (epub).epub
Robert Goddard – Dying to Tell (retail) (epub).epub
Robert Goddard – Fault Line (epub).epub
Robert Goddard – Found Wanting (v5).epub
Robert Goddard – Hand in Glove (retail) (epub).epub
Robert Goddard – In Pale Battalions (epub).epub
Robert Goddard – Long Time Coming (v5).epub
Robert Goddard – Name To a Face.epub
Robert Goddard – Painting the Darkness (v5.0) jer.epub
Robert Goddard – Panic Room (2018).epub
Robert Goddard – Past Caring (retail) (epub).epub
Robert Goddard – Play to the End (retail) (epub).epub
Robert Goddard – Sea Change (retail) (epub).epub
Robert Goddard – Set in Stone (epub).epub
Robert Goddard – Sight Unseen (v5).epub
Robert Goddard – Take No Farewell (epub).epub

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