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Regolith – Brent Reilly

Regolith – Brent Reilly


Name: Regolith – Brent Reilly
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Title: Regolith
Author: Reilly, Brent
Language: English
Subjects: Science Fiction, Science, Sci Fi, Politics, Obama, Asteroids, Arizona, 2012, Southwest, clinton, disaster, campaign, regolith, mccain, asteroid, aventure, palin, liberal, suspence, progressive
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Description: 2012 WILL ROCK YOU! The day before the biggest asteroid in 65 million years strikes Arizona, as people flee to the poles, Henry Jackson discovers his escape plane has been stolen. Facing pressure waves, scorching heat, a record earthquake, and trillions of falling rocks, Jackson’s family awaits a space rock that may bury the Southwest under 100,000 kilometers of meteorite ejecta called regolith.

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