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Redemption – Anne Mahon

Redemption – Anne Mahon


Name: Redemption – Anne Mahon
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Title: Redemption
Author: Mahon, Anne
Language: N/A
Subjects: justice, Biography, ex-gang members
Total pages: N/A

Description: <p>Why do people join gangs? Once entrenched in a life of crime with its realities of incarceration, addiction, power and money, is it possible to ever walk away?<p>This triumphant collection of nine personal life stories from ex-gang members enlightens, surprises, inspires and perhaps answers these questions. These first-person accounts illuminate the harsh reality of living as a marginalized person, often neglected and in poverty. Unexpectedly, their stories share heartfelt commentary on topics such as peace, joy, forgiveness and hope.<p>Readers will be challenged to question their own preconceived notions as they are given an illuminating look at individual lives behind the crime statistics.<p>This book covers territory that often doesn’t get into the news media. It creates connection through our shared humanity.

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