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Rafferty – Bill S Ballinger

Rafferty – Bill S Ballinger


Name: Rafferty – Bill S Ballinger
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Title: Rafferty
Author: Ballinger, Bill S.
Language: English
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Total pages: N/A

Description: Police Lieut. Emmet Rafferty’s newspaperman’s friend came back from Europe and phoned Rafferty at the Homicide Bureau. When he asked for Rafferty the voice on the other end said: "Are you kidding?" and hung up.
What had happened to Rafferty—the good cop—the man who hated killers—the family man?
Rafferty is a story of infatuation, which leads a man of good character to the petty sins of deception and dishonesty, and finally to the act of murder.
Rafferty’s temptation came from Rose Pauli, a stripteaser. As Rafferty’s superior on the force said: "Rose Pauli wasn’t beautiful, but maybe she had that something and there was only one person it would work on. And that person was Emmet Rafferty… Anyhow, he was ready and she lit the fuse."

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