Protectors of Earth – Felix R Savage

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Protectors of Earth – Felix R Savage


Name: Protectors of Earth – Felix R Savage
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Title: Protectors of Earth
Author: Savage, Felix R.
Language: English
Subjects: space dragons science fiction space opera
Total pages: N/A

Description: Jay Scattergood spent most of his life hiding his Void Dragon egg. And then it hatched. An adult Void Dragon ate the sun a century ago. But now the Void Dragons may be humanity’s last hope in their war against the Offense. If they can get to the Void Dragons first. Leaving his baby Void Dragon behind, Jay and his crew hunt for more Void Dragon eggs that are said to lie buried in the snows of Europe. Earth, now orbiting Jupiter, is far colder than it used to be – and much more dangerous. But the bitter cold and genemodded wolves may not be their biggest problem. Their very own Department of Defense appears to have it in for them. Loyalties are tested. With the salvation of humanity hanging in the balance, who can Jay trust?

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