P.P. Corcoran: Saiph series

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P.P. Corcoran: Saiph series

Pdf, epub, mobi
– Discovery of the Saiph(Saiph #1) 
– Search for the Saiph (Saiph #2)

In times of trial, heroes are forged in the heat of battle
A science fiction tale of the age old themes of combat and war in the futuristic setting of human interstellar travel outside the Solar System, alien technology and weaponry combined with gritty, realistic combat scenes
The author draws on his military combat experience to draw the reader into exciting alien worlds and delves into technology that could almost be Science Fact.
There is but one conclusion… that mankind overcomes it’s alien foes… isn’t there?
The Terran Republic draws the lines of conflict – it must protect Earth ….. and it’s allies
Dr Jeff Moore, the unassuming squat, brown haired theoretical physicist, unlocks the Galaxy with his unintentional invention of the Gravity Drive whilst carrying out research on the Vega Star Probe, intended to provide Earth with colonies outside its own Solar System.

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