Plundered Chronicles Skyblade’s – Robert Dahlen (2)

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Plundered Chronicles Skyblade’s – Robert Dahlen (2)


Name: Plundered Chronicles Skyblade’s – Robert Dahlen (2)
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Size: 189.36 KB


Title: Plundered Chronicles_Skyblade’s Claim
Author: Dahlen, Robert
Language: English
Subjects: fantasy
Total pages: N/A

Description: Annabel Skyblade, notorious pirate captain, has a mystery on her hands: an enchanted piece of parchment she acquired while raiding a Svendaran airship. Victorie Brassfield, the Cerindel Navy’s top intelligence officer, found another one just like it in the pocket of a Svendaran agent.Annabel and Victorie have a history. After coming together over a common goal, their unlikely friendship blossomed into a budding romance. But it’s been hard to maintain a relationship when their hearts take them in different directions – and put them on opposite sides.Now they share a common quest once more. Can Annabel and Victorie uncover the mystery before them, through wild beer festivals, stately balls, and far-off-tropical islands, without letting their passion get in the way? Will this bring them closer together…or lead them to their bloody doom?

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