Plain Confession – Emma Miller

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Plain Confession – Emma Miller


Name: Plain Confession – Emma Miller
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Title: Plain Confession
Author: Miller, Emma
Language: English
Subjects: N/A
Total pages: N/A

Description: <i>When Rachel Mast returned to Stone Mill, Pennsylvania, she unwittingly became a bridge between the closed Amish community and the </i>Englisch<i> police. Now, as she prepares for her wedding, she’s drawn into an investigation that could end in a different ceremony&#8212;her funeral . . .</i>

Rachel didn’t know Daniel Fisher well, but it still comes as a shock when her fianc&eacute;, a state trooper, tells her that the young Amish man’s death may not have been a hunting accident. The police believe he was murdered and they need Rachel’s help telling the family. But when she does, they don’t seem upset or even surprised. Even more unsettling, Daniel’s brother-in-law confesses&#8212;while his mother begs Rachel to prove his innocence. But why would he give a false confession? Who is he trying to protect?

As Rachel’s search for answers overshadows her wedding plans, rumors swirl that she might not show up at the altar&#8212;and that Daniel wasn’t as upstanding as…

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