Perfect Storm – E A Copen

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Perfect Storm – E A Copen


Name: Perfect Storm – E A Copen
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Title: Perfect Storm
Author: Copen, E. A.
Language: English
Subjects: native american cherokee myth, urban fantasy, supernatural, snake monster
Total pages: N/A

<span style="color:black; font-family:palatino linotype,serif; font-size:12pt; margin:0px">An ancient evil lurks in the waters of the Concho River.</span>

<span style="color:black; font-family:palatino linotype,serif; font-size:12pt; margin:0px">After a massive storm, flood waters threaten Paint Rock, Texas, home to over three hundred supernaturals. In the water lurks a new predator, a giant, venomous snake shifter with origins in Native American myth. When one of her own is bitten, Judah Black must find a way to hunt down the monster and a cure before the venom kills her friend and more people get hurt. &nbsp;</span>

<span style="color:black; font-family:palatino linotype,serif; font-size:12pt; margin:0px">But nothing&#39;s ever simple. To find and catch her prey, she&#39;ll have to work with a bounty hunter named Logan Creed whose decades long hunt for the mythical snake borders on obsession. He&#39;ll sacrifice everything to complete his hunt, including her family and friends.</span>

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