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Outlaw Red – Jim Kjelgaard

Outlaw Red – Jim Kjelgaard


Name: Outlaw Red – Jim Kjelgaard
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Title: Outlaw Red
Author: Kjelgaard, Jim
Language: English
Subjects: young adult, Childrens, Classics
Total pages: N/A

Description: He was Sean, a champion, the biggest, handsomest son of Big Red, the famous Irish setter. Bursting with hunting instincts, he fretted under his pampered kennel life, and longed for the wilds. Then suddenly his life changed. He found himself on his own in the Wintapi wilderness, lost, his human protectors gone. An outlaw, he was hunted and shot at by the hill men. How Sean learned to survive amidst constant danger, how he challenged a coyote killer to save his mate, is a stirring tale of bravery and an exciting wilderness adventure. It is also the heartwarming story of another unwilling outlaw-the boy who loved Sean and wanted him for his own.

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