Out of Luck – Dean Floyd

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Out of Luck – Dean Floyd


Name: Out of Luck – Dean Floyd
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Size: 288.91 KB


Title: Out of Luck
Author: Floyd, Dean
Language: English
Subjects: supernatural thriller, irish and celtic mythology, Irish tough guy urban fantasy
Total pages: N/A

Description: Portal Fantasy meets Supernatural Thriller
My name is Sean O'Farrell. Last week I got tangled up with a black wizard and a Banshee. After wrecking a big rig, I walked away alive, but not without getting a death-curse put on me. Now every monster from Irish and Celtic myth knows that I’m the new special on the dinner menu.
Also a shape shifting, mayonnaise fanatic, pop culture lovin’ Hobgoblin is following me around and won’t shut up.
I had to cancel date night with my girl after a flying monster almost took my left arm off. Thank goodness I’ve got Luck magic. Except it hasn’t been working properly. Plan B is the ole’ gun/sword combo.  
Between nightmares of Nicolas Cage’s acting and seeing visions of my dead sister I don’t have the brainspace to deal with this new threat. But I’m going to have to if I don’t want any more innocent lives to be ruined.
The Dept. of Fish & Wildlife can sue me. IT’S HUNTIN’ SEASON!

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