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Organized Grime – Christy Barritt

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Organized Grime – Christy Barritt


Name: Organized Grime – Christy Barritt
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Title: Organized Grime
Author: Barritt, Christy
Language: English
Subjects: Fiction, christian, suspense
Total pages: N/A

Description: Gabby St. Claire knows how to clean up scum. She can get blood out of carpet, pick shattered bones from plaster, and clean up other less-than-enticing fluids from nearly any surface. St. Claire also knows how to clean up another kind of scum – the scum of the earth.
Crime scene cleaner and wannabe forensic investigator Gabby St. Claire knows her best friend, Sierra, isn’t guilty of killing three people in what appears to be an ecoterrorist attack. But Sierra has disappeared, her only contact a frantic phone call.
Crime scene evidence Gabby discovers while cleaning ties seemingly random murders together – and points to Sierra as the guilty party. Just what has her animal-loving friend gotten herself into?
If that’s not disturbing enough, who’s the person following Gabby? A federal agent who hopes Gabby will lead him to Sierra? Or someone with more sinister plans?
To find Sierra and prove her innocence, Gabby will have to rely on all of her training and abilities, plus the help of a man she loves and the protection of a God she’s only recently begun to believe in.
Other books in the Squeaky Clean series: <br />1–Hazardous Duty <br />2–Suspicious Minds <br />2.5–It Came Upon a Midnight Crime (a novella) <br />3–Organized Grime <br />4–Dirty Deeds <br />5–The Scum of All Fears <br />6–To Love, Honor, and Perish <br />7–Mucky Streak

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