Opposing the Slavers The Royal – Peter Grindal

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Grindal, Peter – Opposing the Slavers: The Royal Navy’s Campaign Against the Atlantic Slave Trade



Name: Opposing the Slavers The Royal – Peter Grindal
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Title: Opposing the Slavers: The Royal Navy’s Campaign Against the Atlantic Slave Trade
Author: Grindal, Peter
Language: English
Subjects: N/A
ISBN: 9780857739384
Total pages: N/A

Description: Much is known about Britain’s role in the Atlantic slave trade during the eighteenth century but few are aware of the sustained campaign against slaving conducted by the Royal Navy after the passing of the Slave Trade Abolition Act of 1807. Peter Grindal provides the definitive account of this little known yet important part of the British, European and American history. Drawing on original sources to provide a comprehensive and engaging narrative of the naval operations against slavers of all nations – in particular Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands and Brazil, he describes how illegal traders sought to evade treaty obligations, reveals the obduracy of the USA that prolonged the slave trade, and shows how, despite inadequate resources, the Royal navy’s sixty-year campaign forced slavers to expend ever greater sums top conduct their business and confront the losses inflicted by capture and condemnation. A work that will transform our understanding of the Royal Navy’s campaign against the Atlantic slave trade.
‘Comprehensively overhauls existing understanding of the Royal Navy’s campaign against the Atlantic slave trade’ – Professor Andrew Lambert, King’s College, London

‘such is its quality that it cannot fail to add immeasurably to our understanding of both the history of the 19th Century Royal navy and the wider history of the slave trade. Opposing the Slavers is a fine example of meticulous academic research and writing, and deserves to be widely read. Everything about the book reflects the thorough approach of the author.admirably concise chapters.measured prose and quite remarkable detail.a magnificent achievement which thoroughly illuminates a previously misunderstood or even partially forgotten part of the history of Great Britain and the Royal Navy. There is no doubt it should be on the shelves of any serious student of naval history or the history of the transatlantic slave trade.a genuine work of scholarship’ – (Nick Hewitt, Military History Monthly 2017-02-03)
“After several misfires, here is a deeply researched and detailed work in which Peter Grindal has skilfully presented a readable, sometimes even pacy account. Hi thorough grasp of detail does not hide a strong storyline and while minor incidents are described in detail, the thread is never lost.” – (Warships International Fleet Review)

Book Description

Andrew Lambert is Laughton Professor of Naval History at King’s College, London. 

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