Open Season – Gail Z Martin

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Open Season – Gail Z Martin


Name: Open Season – Gail Z Martin
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Title: Open Season
Author: Martin, Gail Z., Martin, Larry N.
Language: English
Subjects: N/A
Total pages: N/A

Description: <p>The carp-slapping, grenade-launching son of a gun Mark Wojcik is back, and this time he&#39;s going hunting!&nbsp;<br />When there&#39;s trouble in the Pennsylvania wilds, there&#39;s only one person to call. It&#39;s out of Bubba&#39;s jurisdiction, so the monster mashing falls on part-time mechanic, part-time cryptic killer Mark Wojcik. He&#39;s got a gun, a cast of supporting characters you won&#39;t believe, and more ammunition than you can shake a stick at. This time, there&#39;s something funky happening in the woods, and Mark is about to learn more about hunting, and The Hunt, than he ever wanted to!&nbsp;<br />Set in the popular Bubba the Monster Hunter universe, the New Templar Knights novellas are comedic horror/urban fantasy tales of ordinary men and women battling to keep the world safe against the things that go bump in the night, often trying to balance normal lives with extraordinary side gigs. Fans of Bubba, Mason Dixon Monster Hunter, and the Monster Hunter Mom…

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