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Night on Fire – Douglas Corleone

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Night on Fire – Douglas Corleone


Name: Night on Fire – Douglas Corleone
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Title: Night on Fire
Author: Corleone, Douglas
Language: N/A
Subjects: N/A
ISBN: 978-1-4299-6209-4
Total pages: N/A

Description: <p> <p>Kevin Corvelli&#8212;-a hotshot New York defense attorney who packed up his bags and hung his shingle in Hawaii to dodge the spotlight&#8212;-is deep in his mai tais at a resort when an argument erupts down at the other end of the bar. It’s a pair of newlyweds, married that very day on the beach. And since Corvelli doesn’t do divorces, he all but dismisses the argument.

That’s at least until the fire breaks out later that night, and he barely escapes his hotel room. Most weren’t so lucky, including the new husband. His wife, Erin, becomes not only the police’s prime suspect for arson and murder but also Corvelli’s newest client, and she has a lot working against her, like motive and opportunity, not to mention a history of starting fires.

The heat gets turned all the way up in Douglas Corleone’s scorching legal thriller <I>Night on Fire</I>, his second following the MB/MWA’s First Crime Novel Competition winner, <I>One Man’s Paradise</I>.

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