Night Lady – William Campbell Gault

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Night Lady – William Campbell Gault


Name: Night Lady – William Campbell Gault
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Title: Night Lady
Author: Gault, William Campbell
Language: N/A
Subjects: N/A
ISBN: 978-1-4405-3915-2
Total pages: N/A

Description: <p>Get home early tonight. I have a key I stole last time I was there. Don’t keep me waiting. The note was lying on the front seat of my car. It was on an engraved card&#8212;scented. Deborah Huntington’s. I got mad. Who did she think she was anyway? I didn’t bother to answer. I knew damn well who she was. She was rich, spoiled and beautiful&#8212;and I was bewitched, bothered and bewildered, and jus the thought of her next to me had me p to my private eyebrows in a sweat of excitement. But she was also a suspect for murder. And I was being paid to find the killer. My good sense kept telling me not to go home early or otherwise. So who needs good sense? You can’t take it with you. NIGHT LADY&#8212;a smooth, hard blend of hot and cold running maidens, murderers and mayhem starring Joe Puma., William Campbell Gault’s greatest gift to private-eye lovers everywhere.

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