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Neptune’s War – Nick Webb

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Neptune’s War – Nick Webb


Name: Neptune’s War – Nick Webb
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Title: Neptune’s War
Author: Webb, Nick
Language: English
Subjects: KU
Total pages: N/A

Description: Humanity is on the brink. And, as always, the greatest threat comes from within….
A rogue element within the military has stolen half the Exile Fleet and taken it to Neptune to protect the rich and powerful, drawing critical resources away from Admiral Walker on the front lines.
The leader of the alien Telestines has recovered ancient devastating technologies to finally exterminate the human race.
And a fanatical Telestine death cult is out for blood–both Human and their own. For them, all must die for all to ascend.
Against them all stands Admiral Walker and the surviving officers of the Exile Fleet. The fragile colonies of the solar system desperately need their protection, and humanity yearns for its lost home on Earth. But Walker’s plan for total victory is so horrific that even her closest friends work against her.
The end is in sight. The sun is on the horizon. And only the girl known as The Dawning can answer the question: is it rising or setting on humanity?
Neptune’s War is the third and final book of the Earth Dawning series.

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