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Martin Edwards collection

The Coffin Trail:

What is meant as a fresh start in the English Lakes District begins to reek of buried secrets….
Oxford historian and TV personality Daniel Kind and his new lover, Miranda, both want to escape to a new life. On impulse they buy Tarn Cottage in Brackdale, an idyllic valley in the Lake District that Daniel knew as a boy. He is still fascinated by a place so remote that the dead had to be carried out over the peaks on pack animals along the ancient Coffin Trail. But though the couple hope to live the dream of downsizing, the past has a way of catching up.
Tarn Cottage was once home to Barrie Gilpin, an autistic youth suspected of a savage murder-what looks like the ritualistic killing of a young woman visitor to the valley. She was found laid out on the Sacrifice Stone, an ancient pagan site up on the fell. Barrie fell to his death near the crime scene before he could be questioned. All these years later, Daniel retains his belief in Barrie’s innocence and questions his own policeman father’s handling of the case. When DCI Hannah Scarlett and her squad launch a cold case review, Brackdale’s skeletons begin to rattle&.
The wild geography of the Lakes District plays against local literary references, all backdrop to the lives of villagers and outsiders drawn to this beautiful spot – but for what reasons? The Coffin Trail launches a new series by a master British hand.

Books list:

Crimson Snow by Martin Edwards.epub
Foreign Bodies – Martin Edwards.epub
Foreign Bodies – Martin
Martin Edwards – Acknowledgments (v5).epub
Martin Edwards – All the Lonely People (v5).epub
Martin Edwards – Best Eaten Cold & Other Stories (v5).epub
Martin Edwards – Capital Crimes London Mysteries (v5).epub
Martin Edwards – Deadly Pleasures (v5).epub
Martin Edwards – First Cut is the Deepest (v5).epub
Martin Edwards – Guilty Consciences (v1.0).epub
Martin Edwards – Guilty Parties (v5).epub
Martin Edwards – Harry Devlin 01 – All the Lonely People (v5).epub
Martin Edwards – Harry Devlin 02 – Suspicious Minds (v5).epub
Martin Edwards – Harry Devlin 03 – I Remember You (v5).epub
Martin Edwards – Harry Devlin 04 – Yesterday’s Papers (v5).epub
Martin Edwards – Harry Devlin 05 – Eve of Destruction.epub
Martin Edwards – Harry Devlin 06 – The Devil in Disguise (v5).epub
Martin Edwards – Harry Devlin 07 – First Cut is the Deepest (v5).epub
Martin Edwards – Harry Devlin 08 – Waterloo Sunset (v5).epub
Martin Edwards – lake discrict 2 The Cipher Garden (v5).epub
Martin Edwards – Lake District 01 – The Coffin Trail (v5).epub
Martin Edwards – Lake District 03 – The Arsenic Labyrinth (v5).epub
Martin Edwards – Lake District 04 – The Serpent Pool (v5).epub
Martin Edwards – Lake District 05 – The Hanging Wood (v5).epub
Martin Edwards – Lake District 06 – The Frozen Shroud.epub
Martin Edwards – Resorting to Murder – Holiday Mysteries (v5.0).epub
Martin Edwards – Silent Nights – Christmas Mysteries.epub
Martin Edwards – Silent Nights (v5).epub
Martin Edwards – Take My Breath Away (v5).epub
Martin Edwards – Test Drive (v1.0).rtf
Martin Edwards – The Devil in Disguise (v5).epub
Martin Edwards – The Dungeon House (v5).epub
Martin Edwards – The Golden Age of Murder (v5).epub
Martin Edwards – The House of the Red Candle (v1.0).htm
Martin Edwards – The Mystery of Canute Villa (v1.0).htm
Martin Edwards – The New Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes.epub
Martin Edwards (ed) – Serpents in Eden (Serpents in Paradise)- Countryside Crimes (retail) (epub).epub
Martin Edwards (ed) – The Long Arm of the Law- Classic Police Stories (retail) (epub).epub
Murder at the Manor – Martin Edwards.epub
Murder at the Manor – Martin
Story of Classic Crime in 100 Books, The – Martin Edwards.epub
Truly Criminal – Martin Edwards.epub

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