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Maggie Ryan collection



Power… danger… desire
Maddox Steele, along with his two brothers and father, lives by one code: Help all in need. Even if it means saving those who walk among the most sinister criminals in the world. Known as The Black Stallions, their mission is simple – provide rescue and safety to the underground.
Adira Nazar has no idea her entire life is about to explode into a million pieces. With her life in extreme danger, her only choice is to hand over complete trust to a dark and mysterious man she has never met before… Maddox Steele.
Just another job…
Someone to protect like all the others…
But when Maddox sets eyes on Adira, all bets are off. She is his save, and he’s determined to make sure that nothing happens to this exotic beauty trapped in a ruthless world.
Tucked away at The Black Stallion Ranch, and with the few clues they have, can the Steeles put together the pieces in time to save her, or will they lose Adira to the clutches of darkness?

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Books list:

Maggie Ryan – [Divine Design 01] – Designed for Submission [Blushing] (epub).epub
Maggie Ryan – [Divine Design 02] – A Submissive’s Dream [Blushing] (azw3).azw3
Maggie Ryan – [Divine Design 03] – Haven’s Promise [Blushing] (mobi).mobi
Maggie Ryan – [Divine Design 04] – A Submissive’s Gift [Blushing] (mobi).mobi
Maggie Ryan – [Hunter’s Ridge 01] – Lucy’s Journey Home [Blushing] (epub).epub
Maggie Ryan – [Hunter’s Ridge 02] – Homecoming [Blushing] (mobi).mobi
Maggie Ryan – [Hunter’s Ridge 03] – Reunion [Blushing] (epub).epub
Maggie Ryan – [Hunter’s Ridge 04] – Blessed Beginnings [Blushing] (epub).epub
Maggie Ryan – [Lessons in Submission 03] – Lilly Blossoms [Blushing] (epub).epub
Maggie Ryan – [Willamette Wives 02] – My Sassy Settler [Blusing] (epub).epub
Maggie Ryan – [Women of Wintercrest 01] – Louisa Revealed [Blushing] (epub).epub
Maggie Ryan – [Women of Wintercrest 02] – Lord Edward’s Law [Blushing] (epub).epub
Maggie Ryan – [Women of Wintercrest 03] – Claimed [Blushing] (epub).epub
Maggie Ryan – [Women of Wintercrest 04] – Lucy Surrenders [Blushing] (epub).epub
Maggie Ryan – A Little Atonement.epub
Maggie Ryan – A Little Sunshine – Abbie Adams.epub
Maggie Ryan – Becoming His- The Teaching of Rebecca [Blushing] (epub).epub
Maggie Ryan – Black Light; Suspended.epub
Maggie Ryan – Bride to Keep – Alta Hensley.epub
Maggie Ryan – Charming Isabella [Blushing] (epub).epub
Maggie Ryan – Daddy Commands.epub
Maggie Ryan – Daddy Says.epub
Maggie Ryan – Her Alpha Mates.epub
Maggie Ryan – His Passionate Pioneer [Blushing] (epub).epub
Maggie Ryan – In His Hands.epub
Maggie Ryan – Jewel’s Gems [Blushing, The Red Petticoat Saloon] (epub).epub
Maggie Ryan – Leather and Grace [Blushing] (retail) (azw3).azw3
Maggie Ryan – Maddox (The Black Stallion Trilogy 01) – Alta Hensley.epub
Maggie Ryan – My Charming Valentine.epub
Maggie Ryan – Rescuing Ruby Red.epub
Maggie Ryan – Summer Solace [Blushing] (epub).epub
Maggie Ryan – The Power of the Pack.epub
Maggie Ryan – The Wolf’s Demand.epub
Maggie Ryan – Treasured Submission.epub
Masters of the Castle – When the Gavel Falls – Tabitha Black, Darling Adams, Maggie Ryan, Maren Smith, Abbie Adams [MF] (epub).epub

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