Learn any Language – Progress without Stress!

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Joan Pattison – Learn any Language – Progress without Stress!
English | Pattison Joan | 2015 | EPUB | Pages 85 | ASIN: B00VTMBUZC | 5 Mb
LEARN ANY LANGUAGE – PROGRESS WITHOUT STRESS is an inspiring, motivational and practical guide for those people who are struggling to master their way to fluency in a foreign language. There are many challenges on the way and it’s rarely a difficulty with the language itself! Have you ever experienced a lack of time; an over-abundance of resources to choose from; grumbles about the dreaded grammar; memory issues; a loss of motivation or are you simply too tired after a long day to pursue your dream of speaking in a different lingo?
Do you feel frustrated at your lack of progress? Do you hesitate when you have to speak your target language? Is it difficult for you to find opportunities to converse? Are you making the most of your study sessions? What are the best ways for you to learn? What resources should you use? How can you find the time? How can you remember all that new vocabulary? How can you stay motivated?
Whatever your sticking point, you will find many tried and tested tips and tricks in LEARN ANY LANGUAGE – PROGRESS WITHOUT STRESS to help you find your way, gain in confidence and start speaking your target language from today! Let language teacher and learner Joan Pattison show you how to fit the study of a new language into your everyday routine so that your learning becomes a daily habit. She shows you how to work in short, stress-free sessions, with practical, easy to follow suggestions. This is about learning and progress but also about having fun with your foreign language and simplifying your life at the same time!
LEARN ANY LANGUAGE – PROGRESS WITHOUT STRESS gives you lots of ideas to find and use the spare minutes in your daily life and to learn any language without tension. The focus is on using small chunks of time in a structured, efficient way with a strong emphasis on enjoyment, relaxation and progression. Joan shows you how you can make some small changes that lead to massive results. Read, write, listen and SPEAK with confidence from today!
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