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Lawrence Durrell collection


The Alexandria Quartet:

Lawrence Durrell’s series of four novels set in Alexandria, Egypt during the 1940s. The lush and sensuous series consists of Justine(1957) Balthazar(1958) Mountolive(1958) Clea(1960).
Justine, Balthazar and Mountolive use varied viewpoints to relate a series of events in Alexandria before World War II. In Clea, the story continues into the years during the war.

One L.G. Darley is the primary observer of the events, which include events in the lives of those he loves and those he knows. In Justine, Darley attempts to recover from and put into perspective his recently ended affair with a woman. Balthazar reinterprets the romantic perspective he placed on the affair and its aftermath in Justine, in more philosophical and intellectual terms.

Mountolive tells a story minus interpretation, and Clea reveals Darley’s healing, and coming to love another woman.

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Books list:


Lawrence Durrell – Antrobus 01 – Esprit de Corps – Sketches From Diplomatic Life.epub
Lawrence Durrell – The Alexandria Quartet Omnibus.epub
Lawrence Durrell – Avignon 01 – 05 – The Avignon Quintet Complete.epub
Lawrence Durrell – Sicilian Carousel.epub
Lawrence Durrell – The Greek Islands.epub
Lawrence Durrell – Blue Thirst – Tales of Life Abroad.epub
Lawrence Durrell – Antrobus 02 – Stiff Upper Lip – Life Among the Diplomats.epub
Lawrence Durrell – The Alexandria Quartet 03 – Mountolive.epub
Lawrence Durrell – The Alexandria Quartet 01 – Justine.epub
Lawrence Durrell – The Black Book.epub
Lawrence Durrell – The Dark Labyrinth.epub
Lawrence Durrell – Bitter Lemons of Cyprus – Life on a Mediterranean Island.epub
Lawrence Durrell – White Eagles Over Serbia.epub
Lawrence Durrell – Antrobus 03 – Sauve Qui Peut – Stories.epub
Lawrence Durrell – Judith.epub
Lawrence Durrell – The Alexandria Quartet 04 – Clea.epub
Lawrence Durrell – Revolt of Aphrodite 01-02 – The Revolt of Aphrodite.epub
Lawrence Durrell – Antrobus Complete.epub
Lawrence Durrell – Avignon 02 – Monsieur Or The Prince Of Darkness.epub
Lawrence Durrell – The Alexandria Quartet 02 – Balthazar.epub
Lawrence Durrell – Cefalu Aka the Dark Labyrinth.epub
Lawrence Durrell – Reflections On A Marine Venus.epub
Lawrence Durrell – Prospero’s Cell.epub

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