Lady of mazes – Karl Schroeder

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Lady of mazes – Karl Schroeder


Name: Lady of mazes – Karl Schroeder
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Title: Lady of mazes
Author: Schroeder, Karl
Language: N/A
Subjects: Science fiction, General, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fiction, Fiction – Science Fiction, Science Fiction – General, High Tech, Space Opera, Adventure, Human-alien encounters, Life on other planets
ISBN: 9780765350787
Total pages: N/A

Description: SUMMARY:Karl Schroeder is one of the new stars of hard SF. His novels, Ventus and Permanence , have established him as a new force in the field. Now he extends his reach into Larry Niven territory, returning to the same distant future in which Ventus was set, but employing a broader canvas.nbsp; Lady of Mazes isnbsp;the story of Teven Coronal, a ringworld with a huge multiplicity of human civilizations. It’s the story of what happens when the delicate balance of coexisting worlds is completely destroyed, when the fabric of realitynbsp;itself is torn. nbsp; Brilliant but troubled Livia Kodaly is Teven’s only hope against invaders both human and superhuman whonbsp;threaten thenbsp;fragile ecologies and human diversity. Filled with action, ideas, and intellectual energy, Lady of Mazes is the hard SF novel of the year.

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