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Keys to the Spirit World: An Easy To Use Handbook for Contacting Your Spirit Guides

Jennifer J O’Neill, “Keys to the Spirit World: An Easy To Use Handbook for Contacting Your Spirit Guides” 
2012 | ISBN: 1475207336 | 90 pages | EPUB | 0,4 MB
Who are your Spirit Guides? This book does not only cover “who” your Spirit Guides are, but you will also learn “why” you have Spirit Guides. Keys to the Spirit World covers: What do Spirit Guides look like? How do Spirit Guides communicate? What is it like to receive communications from spirits or Spirit Guides? Chakras and spirit communication 10 Tips for working with spirits and Spirit Guides Communication with Spirit Guides through writing Spirit communication through dreaming Spirit Guide communication meditation 5 Common “blocks” that keep people from developing spirit communication Not only does “Keys to the Spirit World” teach you what roles Spirit Guides play in your own life, but it also teaches you how to communicate with them yourself. You will learn how to develop your own communication system with spirits and Spirit Guides, as well as develop an understanding of what they are trying to communicate with you right now! Spirit Guides are always trying to communicate with you; many times you just do not have a complete understanding of how this communication system works. There are many forms of spirit communication and it is important for you to find out what particular system works best for you. This will allow you to communicate with your Spirit Guides most effectively.
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