Karl Shaw: Deadly Dangerous Kings and Queens

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Karl Shaw: Deadly Dangerous Kings and Queens


Which king lost the crown jewels? Which queen was as wide as she was
tall? And who was the king who died with a poker up his bum? A humorous
take on British kings and queens through the ages. Packed with facts and
information – focusing on all the funny bits!

This book is totally amazing!!! — Isabella Filmer McCarthy, age 8
Family Interest Magazine A romp through royal history with all the funny
bits left in. TBK Mag Concentrates on the bizarre facts that younger
school children will find irresistible. Carosel (The Guide to Children’s
Books) With its comical illustrations and jokes, Deadly Dangerous Kings
and Queens makes fascinating facts about all the Kings and Queens that
have ruled England since 1066 memorable for young readers. Primary

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