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Karen Hawkins collection


How to Abduct a Highland Lord:

It’s hardly the type of wedding Fiona MacLean dreamed of. No family, no guests, just a groom who’s been dragged — literally — to the altar. But if marriage to Black Jack Kincaid, the handsome wastrel she’d sworn never to see again, will avert a bloody war between their clans, so be it. Surely she can share his bed without losing her heart….

Known throughout Scotland and London as a wild rogue, Jack is accustomed to waking in dire situations, but…married? Long ago, he and Fiona reveled in a youthful passion. Now, the fiery, sensual lass is his once more. And though their marriage is in name only, Jack is determined to win her forever — body and soul….

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Books list:

[Reeves 01] – Her Master and Commander.epub
Caught by the Scot – Karen Hawkins.epub
Hawkins, Karen – [Talk of the Town 1] – Talk of the Town (2008, Pocket, 9781416560227).epub
Hawkins, Karen – [Talk of the Town 2] – Lois Lane Tells All (2010, Pocket Star, 9781416560272).epub
How to Capture a Countess (Duchess Diari – Karen Hawkins.epub
How to Capture a Countess (Duchess Diari – Karen Hawkins.mobi
How to Entice an Enchantress – Karen Hawkins.epub
How to Pursue a Princess – Karen Hawkins.epub
How to Pursue a Princess – Karen Hawkins.mobi
Karen Hawkins – (MacLean Curse #1) How to Abduct.epub
Karen Hawkins – (MacLean Curse #2) To Scotland, With Love.epub
Karen Hawkins – (MacLean Curse #3) To Catch a Highlander.epub
Karen Hawkins – (MacLean Curse #4) Sleepless in Scotland.epub
Karen Hawkins – (MacLean Curse #5) The Laird Who Loved Me.epub
Karen Hawkins – [The Oxenburg Princes 01.5] – The Princess Wore Plaid (retail) (epub).epub
Karen Hawkins – Abduction_Seduction 01 – The Abduction of Julia.epub
Karen Hawkins – Abduction_Seduction 02 – A Belated Bride.epub
Karen Hawkins – Abduction_Seduction 03 – The Seduction of Sara.epub
Karen Hawkins – Hurst Amulet 01 – One Night in Scotland.epub
Karen Hawkins – Hurst Amulet 03 – A Most Dangerous Profession.epub
Karen Hawkins – Hurst Amulet 04 – The Taming of a Scottish Princess.epub
Karen Hawkins – Just Ask Reeves 01 – Her Master and Commander.epub
Karen Hawkins – Just Ask Reeves 02 – Her Officer and Gentleman.epub
Karen Hawkins – Talisman Ring 01 – An Affair to Remember.epub
Karen Hawkins – Talisman Ring 02 – Confessions of a Scoundrel.epub
Karen Hawkins – Talisman Ring 03 – How to Treat a Lady.epub
Karen Hawkins – Talisman Ring 04 – And the Bride Wore Plaid.epub
Karen Hawkins – Talisman Ring 05 – Lady in Red.epub
Karen Hawkins – The Oxenburg Princes 01 – The Prince Who Loved Me.epub
Karen Hawkins – The Oxenburg Princes 01 – The Prince Who Loved Me.mobi
Karen Hawkins – The Oxenburg Princes 02 – The Prince and I.epub
Mad for the Plaid.epub
Princess in Disguise – Karen Hawkins.epub
Princess in Disguise – Karen Hawkins.mobi
The Lady in the Tower.epub
twelve Kisses to Midnight.epub

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