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Jasper Fforde collection


The Eyre Affair:

Suspenseful and outlandish, absorbing and fun – a novel unlike any other and an introduction to the imagination of a most distinctive writer and his singular fictional universe.
Great Britain circa 1985: time travel is routine, cloning is a reality (dodos are the resurrected pet of choice), and literature is taken very, very seriously. Baconians are trying to convince the world that Francis Bacon really wrote Shakespeare, there are riots between the Surrealists and Impressionists, and thousands of men are named John Milton, an homage to the real Milton and a very confusing situation for the police. Amidst all this, Acheron Hades, Third Most Wanted Man In the World, steals the original manuscript of Martin Chuzzlewit and kills a minor character, who then disappears from every volume of the novel ever printed! But that’s just a prelude . . .
Hades’ real target is the beloved Jane Eyre, and it’s not long before he plucks her from the pages of Bronte’s novel. Enter Thursday Next. She’s the Special Operative’s renowned literary detective, and she drives a Porsche. With the help of her uncle Mycroft’s Prose Portal, Thursday enters the novel to rescue Jane Eyre from this heinous act of literary homicide. It’s tricky business, all these interlopers running about Thornfield, and deceptions run rampant as their paths cross with Jane, Rochester, and Miss Fairfax. Can Thursday save Jane Eyre and Bronte’s masterpiece? And what of the Crimean War? Will it ever end? And what about those annoying black holes that pop up now and again, sucking things into time-space voids . . .
Suspenseful and outlandish, absorbing and fun, The Eyre Affair is a caper unlike any other and an introduction to the imagination of a most distinctive writer and his singular fictional universe.

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Books list:


Jasper Fforde – Last Dragonslayer 01 – The Last Dragonslayer (v5.0).epub
Jasper Fforde – Last Dragonslayer 02 – The Song of the Quarkbeast (v5.0).mobi
Jasper Fforde – Last Dragonslayer 03 – The Eye of Zoltar (v5.0).epub
Jasper Fforde – Nursery Crimes 01 – The Big Over Easy (v5).epub
Jasper Fforde – Nursery Crimes 02 – The Fourth Bear.epub
Jasper Fforde – Shades of Grey 01 – Shades of Grey (v5).epub
Jasper Fforde – The Eye of Zoltar.epub
Jasper Fforde – The Locked Room Mystery.pdf
Jasper Fforde – Thursday Next 01 – The Eyre Affair (v5.0).mobi
Jasper Fforde – Thursday Next 01 to 05 – Omnibus (v5.0).epub
Jasper Fforde – Thursday Next 02 – Lost in a Good Book (v5.0).epub
Jasper Fforde – Thursday Next 03 – The Well of Lost Plots (v5.0).mobi
Jasper Fforde – Thursday Next 04 – Something Rotten (v5).epub
Jasper Fforde – Thursday Next 05 – First Among Sequels (v5.0).mobi
Jasper Fforde – Thursday Next 06 – One of Our Thursdays is Missing (v5.0).epub
Jasper Fforde – Thursday Next 07 – The Woman Who Died a Lot.mobi


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