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James Gunn collection



Transcendental, an epic, high-concept space opera, is a Canterbury Tales of the far future in which beings from many planets hurtle across the universe to uncover the secrets of the legend of Transcendentalism. Riley, a veteran of interstellar war,  however, is not journeying to achieve transcendence, a vague mystical concept that has drawn everyone else on the ship to this journey into the unknown at the far edge of the galaxy. His mission is to find and kill the prophet who is reputed to help others transcend. As the ship speeds through space, the voyage is marred by violence and betrayal, making it clear that Riley is not the only one of the ship’s passengers who is not the spiritual seeker they all claim to be.
As tensions rise, Riley realizes that the ship’s journey is less like the Canterbury Tales and more like a harrowing, deadly voyage on a ship of fools. Looking for allies, he becomes friendly with a mysterious passenger named Asha, who, like so many others on the ship, is more than she appears. But while she professes to be just another pilgrim, he comes to realize that like him, she is keeping secrets could be the key to Riley’s assignment, or might make him question everything he thought he knew about Transcendentalism and his mission to stop it.

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Books list:


Breaking Point by James Gunn.epub
The Listeners – James Gunn.epub
isaac Asimov The Foundations of Science Fiction.epub
The Magicians – James Gunn.epub
Future Imperfect – James Gunn.epub
The Millennium Blues – James Gunn.epub
Dreamers – James Gunn.epub
Kampus – James Gunn.epub
This Fortress World – James Gunn.epub
Station in Space – James Gunn.epub
Transformation – James Gunn.epub
Transgalactic – James Gunn.mobi
Transgalactic – James Gunn.epub
Gift From The Stars – Gunn, James.azw3
Gift From The Stars – Gunn, James.mobi
Gift From The Stars – Gunn, James.epub
James Gunn – The Immortals (v5.0).epub
James Gunn – Transcendental.epub
Jack Williamson & James E. Gunn – Star Bridge.epub
Jack Williamson & James E. Gunn – Star Bridge.mobi

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