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J.T. Williams collection

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J.T. Williams collection


Half-Bloods Rising:

The elves have been called to war. As his parents leave, Kealin and his siblings stay behind to continue to train for the inevitable bloodshed that will reach their shores. For all their lives they have been persecuted for being half-elf. Kealin has never questioned his mother’s true lineage but she has been in hiding and he will soon discover why.
A prophecy is revealed that foretells doom for all the warriors who departed. In order to avert the disaster, Kealin and his half-blood siblings embark into the frigid seas of the north aboard an enchanted ship. In a perilous journey, Kealin discovers a power not at all elven in nature. He is changing. As the blood of the race of a long dead people surges in his veins, a power awakens within his mind tying him to a lost and powerful culture.
But what else is waking in the long frozen north, will risk all of them and Kealin is playing into the hands of a master deceiver. He must learn to control this ancient power before a hidden plot destroys all he seeks to save.

J T Williams – [Half Elf Chronicles 01] – Half-Bloods Rising.epub
J T Williams – [Half Elf Chronicles 02] – Seer of Lost Sands.epub
J T Williams – [Half Elf Chronicles 03] – Shadow of the Orc Star.epub
J T Williams – [Half Elf Chronicles 04] – Necromancer’s Curse.epub
J T Williams – [Half Elf Chronicles 05] – Wrath of the Half-Elves.epub
J T Williams – [Half Elf Chronicles 06] – The Last Dwemhar.epub
J T Williams – [Ranger trilogy 01] – Ranger’s Fury.epub
J T Williams – [Stormborn Saga 01-03] – Stormborn Saga Box Set.epub
J T Williams – Lost Tales of the Realms.epub

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