Idle Hands 1999 720p BluRay x264 YIFY

Idle Hands 1999 720p BluRay x264 YIFY

IMDB information:

Title: Idle Hands (1999)
Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller
Description: Seventeen year old slacker Anton Tobias wakes up one Halloween morning to discover that both of his parents have been turned into two headless Halloween decorations. After speaking to his equally irresponsible friends, Mick and Pnub, he discovers that his right hand has a blood-thirsty mind of its own and is hell-bent on wreaking havoc whether he likes it or not.
Director: Rodman Flender
Writer: Terri Hughes, Ron Milbauer
Actors: Devon Sawa, Seth Green, Elden Henson, Jessica Alba
Rating: 6.2
Votes: 36498
Rated: R
Runtime: 92 min



Name: Idle Hands 1999 720p BluRay x264 YIFY
Format: mp4
Size: 749.47 MB


Width: 1280 pixels
Height: 696 pixels
Format: AVC

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